Just one dose of the vaccine significantly reduces the risk of infection

Just one dose of the vaccine significantly reduces the risk of infection

“Our results reflect positive screening tests (infection detection, a dramatic decrease among asymptomatic employees of the health system),” said Nick Jones, an infectious disease specialist at Cambridge University Hospital, one of the study’s authors. By news agency Reuters.

The screening test for SARS-CoV-2 had 0.8 percent of non-vaccinated health workers positive. Less than twelve days after vaccination, it was 0.37 percent (absolute safety of vaccination has not yet been established during this period), with only 0.2 percent tested positive after twelve or more days of vaccination.

This means that the risk of an asymptomatic infection from twelve days to four days after vaccination, says Mike Weeks, an infectious agent at the University of Cambridge.

Pass low on virus

“This is great news – the vaccine not only protects against disease, it also helps prevent infection, reducing the ability to pass the virus from one person to another,” Weeks said.

As recently as Thursday, data were released from Israel that people who received the vaccine for a second time had a 92 percent lower risk of coronovirus than those who had not been vaccinated.

In Astra Zeneca, according to preliminary data, this risk of infection is reduced by about 60 to 70 percent.

Virologist Florian Kramer said Thursday at an event organized by the Association of Vaccine Manufacturers: “The overall picture we are seeing now is that these vaccines may not provide complete protection against infection, but they are good against infection. Show security. “

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