“We have not left the royal family”

Prinz Harry ist im US-TV aufgetreten.

Prince harry Did a tv show James cordon Visited In it he also explained what is the reason for “Megixit”.

Prince harry (37) war Der “Late Late Show With James Corden” Zu Gast. British presenter’s TV show with Rani’s grandson Elizabeth II. (94) Friends, explained To trouble For “Meguxit”: He and his wife, Duchess Meghan (39), “never left the royal family”. He has “resigned” but not “ceded”.

Reason for living with Meghan and her son Archie (1) in 2020 following their resignation as working members of the Royals California Gone was the “really tough environment” in his homeland. He referred to the British tabloid. This “poison” environment destroyed his mental health. “So I did what any father or husband does and thinks how to get my family out of there.” But he did not “go away”, his life was serving the public and it would happen anywhere in the world, explained To trouble. The interview was recorded before the official “Megixit”. The palace announced in a public announcement last week that it was withdrawn To trouble And Meghan was unable to continue “the responsibilities and duties associated with the service life of the people”.

That was Archie’s first words

In a 17-minute joint TV appearance by Kordan And Prince harry But it was not all serious. Two Brits churned through Los Angeles in a tourist bus. On the open deck of the vehicle, the Duke of Sussex, among other things, said that Archie’s first word was “crocodile” and that the queen had assigned a one-year-old Christmas Gave a waffle iron. He also said that both the queen and Prince Philip (4) Use zoom and Archie in two California See “Walking”.

The presenter and his key guests then stayed at the villa where the series “The Prince of Bel-Air” was filmed in the 90s. On site wrapping To trouble Originally part of the theme song Will smith Generates while Prince harry Used the bathroom at home, tried Kordan Explain to Meghan via video call that they should propose to buy the owners of the villa. After all, what could be more fitting than a real prince in the “Prince of Bel Air” house. Meghan, who calls her husband “hajj”, refuses to laugh – they are quite gone now. They moved from Britain to Canada for a few months before moving to a temporary mansion in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, Meghan and To trouble Bought his property in Montecito.

Thinks the same To trouble About “The Crown”

Reported to know Meghan To troubleMembers of the royal family do this incorrectly around dates. The first meetings are at home, you are not public until you are officially together. So he and Meghan must have spent a lot of time together in the beginning. “There were no distractions and it was great, it was a surprising thing. We went from zero to 60 in the first two months.”

Kordan Asked Prince harry Also what he thinks of the Netflix series “The Crown”, which traces the life of the queen. The TV show is fictional, according to the queen’s grandson, and does not pretend to be true, but the series is “lax” on the facts. The viewer realizes that this lifestyle and pressure means duty and service to the family.

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He felt more comfortable with “The Crown” than stories written about my family, my wife or myself To troubleWhich sealed a lucrative Netflix deal with Meghan. He would love to be played by Damian Lewis himself, he joked. Asked at the end of his television appearance To trouble Furthermore, his fitness proves. Together James cordon He completed a military course in which he crawled into the mud among other things.

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