-Os – Katharina Unpacks After “Die Alm”: “False and Manipulative”

-Os - Katharina Unpacks After "Die Alm": "False and Manipulative"

After leaving “Die Alm”, Katharina Eisenblut received clear words. Image: ProSieben

“Die Alm”: Agreement With Ionis – Katharina Eisenblut Unpacks After Voluntary Exit

Katharina Eisenblut went through “DSDS” this year, but achieved a dubious fame: She announced her voluntary departure several times at casting shows, only to stay. In the end, the jury reassigned him dieter bohlen a reprimand. Now she could even be seen on “Die Alm” and in fact: in one episode, she wanted to pack her bags early after a conflict with Ioannis Amanatidis, and tears flowed once again. At least to the “DSDS” connoisseur, this came as little surprise.

This time, though, she made her announcement really come true: In episode two, she drew the line after having trouble with Ioannis again. in one interview Together “celebrities and more” she said in retrospect, and especially did not leave the native Greek with fine hair.

“The Alm”: Catharina Moves Against Ioniso

The latest version of “Die Alm” featured a hug between Katharina and Ioannis. However, the situation really escalated again at the nomination ceremony when the 31-year-old said: “Of course I’ll nominate you. We’re not going to be friends here anymore.” It was definitely too much for the pop star. Looking back, Katharina spoke about the moment:

Katharina and Ioannis clashed at the beginning of the season. Image: ProSieben

Apparently she really believed in reconciliation, but she was wrong. In an interview, the former “DSDS” candidate accused his “Die Alm” contestant of playing the wrong game: “I find this wrong and manipulative, it won’t change anything. He is a very good actor”She gets angry.

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Reportedly, other “Die Alum” participants have now contacted Katharina by phone and apologized — “because they’re seeing this behavior now,” he says in regards to Ioannis.

The service technician became known through “The Bachelorette” in 2020, where he eventually unsuccessfully competed for Melissa Jimilla’s heart, though he was long considered a favorite. Katharina suspects that Ionis’ sensual intentions were merely sham on the show and the next blow: “I think her success is the most important thing to her. She is the founder and managing director of several companies and Maybe even very successful. I believe he is out to his advantage and he generally makes sure to stay on TV for as long as possible.

Ioannis. Cause “Die Alm” -os

In the end, the 27-year-old once again made it clear that Ioannis was the reason for his departure from “Die Alm”. “I knew that even though I didn’t vote and that’s actually true, not many people voted for me, So I knew he would continue to eliminate me. And the more material I give him, the more he breaks me. And he can do that. he can people intentionally destroy.”, she says candidly on “celebrities and more”.

However, she also shows that the original orientation of the format was not 100 percent ideal for her. “Fake it, I don’t like it. Sure, it’s a game, but I don’t like this kind of game, nominating people and letting them vote, I don’t like that,” she criticizes the system. It’s “Die” Alam”.

Incidentally, on the show, Katharina claimed that from now on she would no longer want to be on television and would also give up her music career. Whether she really pulled it off is questionable, after all she’s known for her rhetorical quick shots in emotional moments. Meanwhile, Ioannis can also be seen in episode three of the current season of “Die Alm”.

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