Mobile air filters are only useful in certain classrooms. free Press

Mobile air filters are only useful in certain classrooms.  free Press

Can mobile air filters in classrooms ensure that normalcy will soon return to German schools? A new study warns against relying solely on devices.

Stuttgart (DPA) – According to a study by the University of Stuttgart, the effectiveness of mobile air filters in classrooms to protect against the coronavirus is limited.

In their analysis on behalf of the city of Stuttgart, experts speak against buying such equipment for all schools. The study, which is available to the German Press Agency, states: “Based on the findings of the pilot project, widespread use of air purification equipment is not (indicated). In individual classrooms, including those that are too small or too small. There are fewer windows, however, the use of mobile devices or the installation of stationary filters should be planned.

For the study, experts from the Institute for Building Energy, Thermotechnology and Energy Storage measured the effect of filters in ten schools in Stuttgart for six months. They are now warning that there are no substitutes for burst ventilation during equipment brakes. “When using air purification devices, it should be generally noted that they are not a substitute for outdoor air alteration, but should only be used as a support for the reduction of particulates and potential viruses in the room.” In short, experts say the use of air purification equipment cannot replace other protective measures such as wearing masks or testing to prevent the spread of infection.

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