Unconventional RPG adventure Everhood hits Nintendo Switch and PC on March 4

Unconventional RPG adventure Everhood hits Nintendo Switch and PC on March 4

Everhood, the unconventional RPG adventure of Foreign Gnomes where nothing seems, brings survival mysteries and musical battles to the Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows PC on Thursday, March 4, 2021.

Sign a contract, sell your soul and enter a mysterious realm between known planes of existence, called the Everhood. Here the wooden doll Red wakes up from a deep sleep and realizes that a thief has stolen his arm. Red goes in search of his missing link and begins to inadvertently pull a thread that can unheard reality as the world knows it.

Upon discovering Red walk through the doors of existence and cross the paths of the bizarre creatures who call this place home. With these fascinating characters they try to pass the time and pass the ages with go-kart races, obstacle courses and board games. But be ready to play the next moment for music, because not every immortal is a friendly kind.

Compete in unique dance battles against a banjo-loving frog, passionate ATM, almost naked knight, and a host of other strange opponents. Go ahead and make a drain to avoid the incoming fire. Perform offensive maneuvers to defeat Red’s rivals as you jam to the bespoke bossfight theme that ranges from weird chip tunes to heavy industrial beats and everything in between.

Red’s journey on the dance floor as the world draws into a sea of ​​changing revelations and reality. Choose between five different levels of difficulty to enjoy everything – from a narrative experience to rapidly emerging challenges. Then return to the realm with the new Game Plus to uncover additional mysteries or test your skills in ultra-hard, unlockable mode.

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“Everhood is a wild ride full of twists and turns and uncovering secrets,” said Chris Nordgren, co-founder of Exotic Nomoms. We can’t wait to share our crazy world when Everhood Switch and PC hit on March 4. Just be prepared to be unprepared! “

Everhood will be available on March 4 for $ 14.99 on the Nintendo Switch and $ 9.99 on Steam. It offers English, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Japanese language options.

To learn more about Everhood, visit official website And join the community to leave And Twitter On.

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