€1.99 . Buy Court by Simon Beckett in

€1.99 .  Buy Court by Simon Beckett in
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deal , Buy the eBook of the week: “Der Hof” by Simon Beckett €1.99 . for

It’s the weekend and you can let your spirit swing. Ideal conditions for spending time with a book. A page turner from Apple and a real top-notch one this time around.

e-book of the week

evil casts no shadow

A remote farm in southern France. It’s hot, the pigs are digging in the dirt. Young Englishman Sean is lying in a dilapidated barn and his leg is torn. He has stepped into a rusty iron trap set up by Arnaud: a hostile misfit who will not tolerate strangers on his property.

Sean is allowed to stay if he rebuilds the dilapidated old walls. He accepts the offer as he is on the run. Arnaud’s daughter Mathilde, who lovingly cares for him, makes the stay more bearable. But he and the other residents of the old building have something to hide. Something better left alone forever.

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