Rescue from the sound of a whale: the lost orca is to be pulled out of the scene

Rescue from the sound of a whale: the lost orca is to be pulled out of the scene

rescue with whale sounds
Will be seduced by the lost orca scene

In early April, fishermen spotted a lost orca in the English Channel. It was later discovered 60 kilometers upstream in the French Seine. The weakened animal must now be carried back to the sea with the sound of a whale. Experts have warned that his chances of surviving alone are slim.

A stray orca in the Seine is said to be attracted by the sound of a whale and directed towards the sea. A drone should monitor the process, said the responsible Seine Maritime Province Based in Rouen after consultation with professionals. The Shore method avoids a close-distance operation with a ship, which can add to the stress level of vulnerable whales.

This animal, living near the coast of northern France, always swims back and forth and not towards the sea. After the orca initially appeared to be in good health, experts from the Marine Mammal Research Group (GEEC) now consider it to be vulnerable and show signs of fungal infection. Alone, the animal’s chances of survival are slim.

According to GEEC, the whale was first sighted in early April by the crew of a trawler about 30 kilometers off the Normandy coast. Since then, the orca has repeatedly been sighted along the coast, in the Seine estuary and even at a distance of about 60 km in the Seine near Yanville. A GEEC expert explained that orcas are commonly found off the coasts of Scotland, Iceland and Norway, and in the Atlantic Ocean to the south in the Bay of Biscay. However, the video recording made from the fishing boat is clear. There is no doubt that it is an orca.

There is speculation that the whale strayed into the English Channel because it is sick and may feed more easily in the calm waters there. It can also be a young animal that has left its group and is now isolated.

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