Screen protectors should never be removed!

Screen protectors should never be removed!

From Maximilian Hohm
Unlike its predecessors, the new Switch is factory-fitted with an OLED screen protector. Nintendo strongly advises against removing these, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

Last week Nintendo officially launched the Switch OLED and the first players have already got the console. Unlike its predecessor, it has an improved and larger display as well as a new docking station that is 4K-capable.

However, the new screen has a limitation that some users have already noticed. Previous Switch models may optionally be protected by protective films from third party providers. However, these measures were not necessary, as the performance of the “older” model was behind a relatively stable plastic pane. The Switch OLED, on the other hand, comes equipped with a pane of glass in front of a 7-inch screen.

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That’s why Nintendo has installed the X Works, a screen protector, so that the glass pane on the front of the OLED panel can withstand the least amount of gentle force. If this protective measure is accidentally removed by the user, there should be a risk of injury from broken glass, according to Nintendo North America. That’s why someone writes in this regard in the “Nintendo Switch OLED Health and Safety Information and Use Guidelines” on the second page of the warning and tells users that Nintendo has an official OLED protective film for the new Switch on offer on Exchange. .

In addition to the larger and higher-contrast screen, the Switch’s internal memory has been doubled and the speakers have been replaced with new modules with improved audio features. It also has a LAN port on the dock and a more stable kick stand.

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