New information about the smartwatch shortly before the launch

New information about the smartwatch shortly before the launch

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The new Oppo Watch 2 is in the starting block, with the official launch already planned for July 27. But shortly before the presentation, some details about the smartwatch were revealed, including photos and advertising posters. What is known about Oppo’s latest watch so far?

The second generation of Oppo Watch has become Reno 6. Already featured at the launch of. Almost two months later, Oppo would like to officially introduce the smartwatch and has already posted some teasers on its Weibo channel. Oppo Watch 2 will again rely on “WatchWook” fast charging technology, just like what’s already available Oppo Watch*.

There are two chips under the hood: one Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 for high performance And a Energy-saving Ambik Apollo 4S4 for longer battery life. As can be seen in the pictures, the Oppo Watch 2 will also have a telephony feature. So there must be another version with eSIM and LTE, and GPS on board as well.

Pictures: Evan Blass @ Twitter

In terms of design, not much has changed in Oppo. The smartwatch still relies on a square format with curved glass and two buttons on the right side. The similarities to the Apple Watch are still there, but that’s probably intended as well. Otherwise there should be a waterproof case and various fitness and sports functions. A gaming mode should also be planned, but there are no details yet.

Pictures: Oppo @ Weibo

It is currently unclear which operating system will be used. There is already a practical video, but whether it is Google WearOS or not, it remains hidden. There is also the question whether Oppo is still Older WearOS version or newer Google Wear still open. Oppo will watch 2 Expected to appear on July 27, then there should be more information about the new smartwatch. Then we will provide you an update here. The watch will probably make it to Germany as well, but most likely not until early autumn.

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