Donald Trump to the Secret Service $ 40,000. Billed

Donald Trump to the Secret Service $ 40,000.  Billed

The former US president has been living since leaving the White House in January Donald Trump Permanently on his luxury property Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. Since then, secret Service For her safety. Anything other than an overnight stay is free for bodyguards. Trump has billed the Secret Service a total of $ 40,000 for housing, “Washington Post” Reported.

The documents were made available at the request of the Washington Post. They may serve as the first evidence that Trump continues his controversial and luxurious lifestyle beyond the end of his presidency – at the expense of taxpayers. Because they are ultimately responsible for paying the Secret Service.

Trump’s club charged $ 396.15 per night for the period January 20 to April 30. It is not clear whether the payment will be more than this. The room rent roughly matches the tariff that Trump sought as US president. During his presidency, Trump’s estate billed the government a total of $ 2.5 million for housing bodyguards.

Former presidents are protected for a lifetime by the Secret Service and receive an annual pension of $ 219,000. According to information from the Washington Post, none of Trump’s predecessors had asked him to rent this amount. Today’s US President was the closest to Trump Joe Biden Approach – During his time as Vice President. The Secret Service then paid him $ 2,200 a month for a cottage on Biden’s property Delaware. In total, Biden received $ 171,600 between 2011 and 2017. Ever since he has been the US President, he is said to have asked for no money from the Secret Service.

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The Secret Service and the self-proclaimed billionaire Trump did not want to comment on the Washington Post report.

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