Bankruptcy in Arizona, but Donald Trump Just Keeps Going

Bankruptcy in Arizona, but Donald Trump Just Keeps Going
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An investigation into the 2021 US election in Arizona found no evidence of electoral fraud, but found some votes for Joe Biden. Donald Trump doesn’t stop it.

Update, 09/25/2021, at 1:01 pm. In Arizona, at the insistence of Republicans, the votes had to be recounted. But instead of a major election fraud, critics only got more votes for Joe Biden and less for Donald Trump. But even the evidence that his allegations are false doesn’t deter Donald Trump.

Quite the contrary: the former US president only reversed the result and accused the press of lying. “Big discovery in Arizona,” Trump announced via Twitter. Not through your account, which is still known to be blocked. Donald Trump broadcast “Statement of President Donald J. Trump” on short message service to Liz Harrington. “The investigation has found significant and irrefutable evidence of fraud,” the statement said.

Donald Trump: Recalculation in Arizona does not give the desired result

The first known drafts of Cyber ​​Ninja’s final report, which were commissioned in Arizona with recounts, allow an entirely different conclusion. That is, the election was done correctly and it was also counted correctly. Little deviation was actually found, but the recalculation resulted in a few more votes for Joe Biden.

The final report will be published on Friday next week. If the draft and reporting are accurate, Donald Trump will have to look for a new reason why he lost to Joe Biden by then.

Donald Trump: Cyber ​​ninjas find votes for Joe Biden – instead of evidence of electoral fraud

First report from 09/24/2021: PHOENIX – Donald Trump is still absolutely confident of his election victory. Against the defeat in the 2020 presidential election Joe Biden It is impossible for him, after all he is not going to lose. No, it must be election fraud. In particular, defeat in the US state of Arizona is simply unthinkable for Trump. “Does everyone here understand that the 2020 election was a complete shame?” he said at an event in Phoenix in July.

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But Trump wouldn’t be Trump if he gave up. The pressure his team put on Republican-led electoral watchdogs soon after the election waned in the weeks and months following the election, but the former US president still had some up his sleeve.

2020 US election fraud? Donald Trump was hoping to recount the votes in Arizona

And he was eventually played by Trump loyalists in the Arizona Senate. So Republicans hired a private company called Cyber ​​Ninjas to count the votes in Arizona’s most populous district. It cost a sizable amount, but donations of $5.7 million from far-right groups and Trump fans were able to fund the review. What do you have friends for?

Of course, Trump hoped that the cyber ninjas in Maricopa County would eventually confirm the allegations of alleged election fraud. This will not change the officially certified result, especially since Joe Biden has been in the White House since January 20, 2021. But then of course the results of all the major states that Trump lost in US 2020 can be questioned. In such a situation, Trump will be victorious, at least among his fans.

Recalculation in Arizona: Disappointment for Donald Trump

However, the recalculation that took place in Arizona has one drawback. It did not bring the desired result. Although only drafts of the final report are known so far, it seems CyberNinja finally found out that Donald Trump could have lost a clearer-than-expected victory in Maricopa County. In any case, the recount resulted in 99 additional votes for Joe Biden and 261 fewer votes for Donald Trump. The report’s figures also confirm Mark Kelly’s success in the US Senate race.

The district’s Twitter account said, “The test conducted by CyberNinja confirms that the vote count in the 2020 election was accurate.” “The candidates who were confirmed as winners actually won.”

2020 US Elections: Arizona Recounts – Cyber ​​Ninja Current Report

However, the report is not yet officially available, so far only drafts are known. Apparently, Cyber ​​Ninja also anecdotally claims that the results of the somewhat pointless recalculation were “very close to the margin of error” and could have been very different from the original. So do you have to count again? It is still unclear whether the findings in the final version of the report differ from those in the draft. The official report is to be presented to the Arizona Senate on Friday evening German time (September 24, 2021).

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However, the correct choice of words does not play a major role. “The full report only reflects a lack of understanding of electoral law and the electoral administration process in Arizona,” Benny White told the New York Times. The electoral law expert said he was told that some Republican Senate officials were unhappy with the results. In today’s time it should be mentioned that White belongs to Donald Trump’s party – not Democrats.

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USA: Donald Trump continues to believe in his success in Arizona

Donald Trump does not challenge any of this. Without going into the known consequences of Cyber ​​Ninja, the former President of the United States of America announced in a statement Thursday evening (September 23, 2021) that now the whole world, or at least the whole of America, will look to Arizona on September 24. , 2021: “Everyone Arizona Will Do” [am Freitag] Watch to see what respected Arizona state auditors and the Senate found about the so-called election! “He can be quite disappointed. (CS)

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