Shooter will offer new modes

Shooter will offer new modes

Battlefield 6 will have new game modes.

EA Studios boss is a new teaser about Laura Miley Next battlefield game An interview shared and stated that it would include new modes that would give players more opportunities to experience “only-in-battlefield” moments through the franchise’s signature sandbox.

In conversation during Gamesbeat summit 2021 Miley said one of the best things about the Battlefield franchise are the sandbox elements. The Battlefield franchise is known for its excellent sandbox that gives players all kinds of experiences, and they can expect the same to happen in the next game.

“This is a sandbox that DICE has always offered players with weapons and vehicles and destruction in the region. And then they are mad, on the battlefield itself. This casual game comes from the players, ”she said. “As you can imagine, this is definitely part of our strategy in this franchise to take that strength and superpower and build on it in future games. With the new modes being added to the gaming experience, They really serve the ability that we want players to have a greater impact on their experience. “

Miele did not provide any details about the new battlefield game, but players may not have to wait long to learn more. The EA has stated that the new Battlefield title will be announced before release later this spring. More recently, EA stated that it would offer an all-out battle and that it would be developed in four studios which is the largest development team to date.

“I can tell you that this is a brave move. This is what we love about Battlefield – and take it to the next level. Epic proportions. The Last Military War. Crazy, unexpected moment, ”said DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielsson. “Game-changing destruction. Massive battles, loaded with more players and chaos than ever before. Bringing everything to life with the power of next-gen consoles and PCs.”

Laura also briefly talked about the new Battlefield mobile game being developed by Industrial Toys, the studio of former Halo developer Alex Seropian. He said that the launch of Battlefield for mobile phones is about expanding the reach of the Battlefield series. The game has been in the prototype stage for the “year” and is finally set for release on smartphones and tablets in 2022 – with a softer launch this year.

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