Another leak on the rest of the game?

Another leak on the rest of the game?

From Ronda Bachchan ,
One free game is being won every day in the Epic Games Store since December 16th. On a French deals page, many of the games being offered were predicted ahead of their release. This time it has been leaked allegedly by a user on Steam.

Get lots of guesses about the next free game in the Epic Games Store. Starting December 16th, interested parties can pick up a free game in the shop every day. Only Epic will tell what game it is that day. There are already a lot of alleged and actual leaks about which video games are probably distributed on the platform. Today’s potential leak comes from a user on Steam of all people.

Epic Free Games: Steam user wants to know the rest of the games

As of now, free games have already been announced at EGS on the French Deals website. So the players already knew that Measure Game Control on December 26 given away. For December 25, Preeti was correctly predicted,

As for the next four games, a user on Steam now wants to know the expected answer. User Wok also had a good nose for several free games in the past. User posts his predictions for related games in Steam forum. According to Woake, the next games should be as follows:

  • December 27th: Mage of Mystralia
  • 28. December: Going Out
  • 29 December: Salt and Sanctuary
  • 30. December: Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy

This list can currently be found in some game forums. The leaker from the French deal website, which had correctly predicted all the games so far, is yet to report on the upcoming games. It looks like the French leaker already knows all the games offered in the Epic campaign. However, he hasn’t spoken to the Steam forums about the list yet.

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