Mass Effect: New description for the legendary version

Mass Effect: New description for the legendary version

Will be out a little in a month Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The reason enough for Electronic Arts is to reveal some more details and modifications for the remaster version.

Like the developers in one blog post Let me tell you, the battle system of the first part was reworked. In the original game, it was more like a role-playing game, while the two successors are slightly more shooters. In the Legendary Edition, the Combat system is now more closely adapted to Part 2 and 3. In addition, several changes have been made in all three games so that the fights can be scored more.

The famous / notorious M-35 Mako has also been given a facelift. The first part repeatedly criticized the vehicle’s physics because the Mako was very light and therefore partially leapt to the surface. In the legendary version, it now drives a bit more like a tank, but without losing its mobility.

In addition, the remaster now offers a similar character building. With this, players can ensure that their characters actually look the same in all three parts. Alternatively, it is also possible to customize Shepard before introducing each new part. There are also more customization options than the original trilogy.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will be released on May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as the Xbox One and Xbox series.

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