Warcraft ArcLight Rumble announced, this is what awaits you in the new mobile game

Warcraft ArcLight Rumble announced, this is what awaits you in the new mobile game

Blizzard has new action strategy game tonight warcraft arclight rumble Announced for mobile devices.

The title will be free to play and will be released for Android and iOS.

frantic action strategy

Blizzard talks of a “frantic action strategy” with vast opportunities for progress and adaptation. There’s a single player campaign, PvP battles, cooperative play, and more.

You compete in dungeons and raids with campaign maps. You can collect over 65 WarCraft Minis and build your armies with them. The Minis in turn enable different strategies.

different factions

As for factions, Alliance, Horde, Beasts, BlackRock and Undead are available in WarCraft Arclight Rumble.

Leaders allow you to customize your teams, as they have special abilities capable of turning the tide of battle.

According to Blizzard, you have to use their strengths to be successful: “Experiment with different leaders to adjust your strategy or replay cards and earn extra rewards,” it says.

How to play Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

You use your gold to strategically place your Mini on the map. You collect gold passively during combat, as well as through mining and treasure chests.

It is important to conquer goals such as the Watchtower and the Meeting Stone. You use this to be able to use your Mini closer to the next target. Those who control the card have a decisive advantage.

There are different troops available with weaknesses and advantages. Flying units are largely effective against infantry, while siege towers are effective against guard towers. You know the process.

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Ultimately it is about bringing the opposing leader to his knees.

A release date is still pending.

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