Test Thing MIG HT-R E-Bike – Confidence Oddball

Test Thing MIG HT-R E-Bike - Confidence Oddball

Shimano Drive has three support levels: Eco, Trail, and Boost. The system starts via a button on the battery. Levels can be controlled via two buttons on the left handle which are easily accessible.

about app e-tube project Individual support levels can be personalized, the connection works via Bluetooth. There are three configurable profiles to choose from. In each profile, the three modes can be adjusted in three levels – low, medium, high. The program can also be used to install firmware updates for all installed parts (motor, battery, display, buttons).

The style and settings of the display can also be customized. The user can influence the units, language, font and time. Individual content can also be selected to be displayed, such as driving time, average speed, maximum speed or cadence. The total distance, travel distance and range are always displayed.

Even the function of the two buttons on the left handlebar end can be reversed in the app. The connection to the smartphone worked directly in the test. There is no puzzle in operation and inputs are applied directly. A Shimano account is required to set up the app.

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