“The Masked Singer” Semifinal: This Actor Was Angry Goldie | Entertainment

"The Masked Singer" Semifinal: This Actor Was Angry Goldie |  Entertainment

The Masked Singer Semifinals ,

This actor was angry Goldie

Semifinals in “The Masked Singer”! One last masked mystery was revealed on Saturday evening before next Saturday’s grand finale.

However, the first surprise came at the very beginning of the show, when the guest judges took their seats. Fixed rate team members Ruth Moschner (46) were joined by singers Johannes Ording (40) and Ree Garvey (49). Since the beginning of the season, he was always considered under the mask of an angry werewolf – it would have been impossible to sit on the team guessing at the same time.

Cause Garve fooled everyone

However, shortly before the performance of Werewolf, Rei tried to leave the studio immediately. Moderator Matthias Opdenhovel (52) reacted in amazement: “What about you now, Reason? Do you still have appointments?” He said only briefly: “I’ll be back now.” – and disappeared. The werewolf performance for Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” sparked further speculation: Was Rei actually dressed as a wild werewolf?

Soon after, the resolution: one of the dancers, whose face was also covered by a mask, turns out to be Rei, a werewolf that remains a mystery. Rea first apologized to her family: “My wife is really disappointed now.” Werewolf went straight to the finals.

Singer Ri Garvey is no more. werewolf masked

Photo: Rolf Weinberg/dpa

Golden Hamster Wants to Go “Goldie”

This never happened with “The Masked Singer”! Grumpy golden hamster Goldie didn’t want to part since the first episode and asked to be kicked out of the show. This time too he danced on stage and sang “Time to say goodbye” and then “We’ll rock you”.

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Ruth Moschner meanwhile tapped on an art figure who gained notoriety through outbursts of her anger: Gernot Hasknecht from the “Today Show”, portrayed by Hans-Joachim Heist (73). Ording had noticed that the cuddly golden hamster was out of breath and claimed: “Any case, a very sweet assi. Either a heavy smoker or it’s really too hot in there.”

Singer Johannes Ording (40) was a guest on the Rhett team.

Singer Johannes Ording (40) was a guest on the Rhett team.

Photo: Rolf Weinberg/dpa

He first guessed Armin Rohde (67), but then brought a hit star into play: “What about aces Hipgold?” Garvey even said that he recognized soccer star Roman Weidenfelder (42), Ruth Moschner was violent but Wheezer also commented: “In terms of breathing, it would be Mario Bassler instead. “

At the end of the evening Goldie was delighted: the audience voted her home and the hamster was finally allowed to take off its fur mask. And like the voting audience, Johannes Ording was right: a sweaty Armin Rohde came out from under the golden hamster’s head. He was no longer furious, but excited: “It was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in my entire career.”

Actor Armin Rohde was in a golden hamster costume

Actor Armin Rohde was in a golden hamster costume

Photo: Rolf Weinberg/dpa

He even canceled a shoot to attend: “I postponed a film for it. I should have finished filming now, but I didn’t know how long you would keep doing it. And I thought, if they do this in the summer, I’m out.”

He won’t have to sweat anymore – that’s what the finalists face: The Tooth Fairy, Rosty, Werewolf and Mole will fight for the “Masked Singer” trophy at next Saturday’s grand finale.

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