USA: Christmas tree may have caught fire

USA: Christmas tree may have caught fire


December 27, 2021 – 9:57 am Watch

a huge fire broke out

Tragedy in the US state of Pennsylvania: A fire broke out in the home of the King family in the small town of Quakertown on Christmas Day. The family’s Christmas tree probably caught fire. Only eldest son Brady and mother Kristin were able to save themselves from the flames.

The fire brigade did not find a way to the burning house

A combination of a short circuit in the electrical system and the dried Christmas tree of American Family King is said to have caused the fatal fire, firefighter on duty Doug Wilhelm suspects on CNN.

The fire quickly spread throughout the house. Only mother Kristin and her eldest son Brady were able to save themselves from the flames. Father Eric and two younger sons Liam and Patrick, as well as the family dog, did not leave the burning house in time.

The police and fire brigade were called to the family’s burning house shortly after 1 pm, but the flames were so strong that even experienced firefighters could not enter the burning house. When they finally made it, family man Eric and his two young sons were found dead only on the first floor of the house. Kristin and Brady were hospitalized with burns.

friends collect money for mother and son

Eric and Kristin fell in love in high school and were a picture book family with their sons, write family friends at The family was very involved in the community and the horrific loss of fathers and sons would leave a huge void.

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They want to use this position to collect money to cover the cost of a new home for the mother and surviving son and the arduous journey back to life. The originally planned US$20,000 came together after just a few hours. About 5,500 people have now donated a total of US$390,792 to the family (as of December 26, 1:30 pm). (LRA)

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