WhatsApp: Beware of fake apps – experts warn of dangerous malware

WhatsApp: Beware of fake apps - experts warn of dangerous malware

If you use WhatsApp via Android, you should beware of some messages – there are fake ones in circulation. Fraudsters also fake “Google Play”.

Germany – There is negative news around Messenger service whatsapp Do not tear. The planned WhatsApp changes are still quite hot in the media. Whatsapp In particular due to data security concerns Criticism equipment. Is currently again Upset with whatsapp: As t-online.de And reports from Chip.de suggest that false news is going on with them. Malware on the phone Established that real damage may occur.

ESET Security software company
Main office Bratislava, Slovakia
The CEO Richard marco

WhatsApp Scam on Android Device: Worm Spreads Malware

Media reports mention one Message from ESET’s IT Security Experts, A company for Security software. Lucas Stefanco from ESET explains: “This Malware Spreads through Victim’s whatsapp And automatically reply to each Whatsapp message With a fake and link Malicious Huawei Mobile App“.

Particularly complete: If you install the application, every message coming from contacts is converted to A message Who also answered the link Fake-app it happens. The worm waits for the “coming” until the last one arrives Whatsapp message This was an hour ago. Only then it spreads. According to experts, try this Cyber ​​criminal Along with preventing mistrust.

Spreading fake messages on WhatsApp malware – that’s it

The misleading message is, “Download this app and Win smartphone“. Sounds attractive at first. Instead of getting a new profit, be Whatsapp user Although on the current one smart Fone attacked.

A link will take you first Fake Google Play Store Head where wrong Huawei app install Being able to participate in the competition. In Huawei you can get a new one Win cell phone. In form of Lucas Stefanco from ESET shares on Twitter:

WhatsApp Malware: Lucas Stefanco’s video on Twitter

© Lucas Stefanco / Twitter

Combination of Fake Google Shop and Fake Huawei App Probably aimed at appearing particularly trustworthy. While installing Defective application Users will then be prompted to allow them to install applications outside the Google Store. It will make Security Precaution on Android Devices Exaggerated – According to security experts.

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Whatsapp worm floats on Android devices – they are targets of fraudsters

After the installation process is complete, the app will request to use several additional permissions Spread worm To be able, therefore, the E.S.E.T. The worm then sends a request to each contact that sends the message even after one hour, but Take part in the competition. The Malicious Facts App The cell phone runs in the background. According to preliminary findings, the goal is Fraudulent advertising revenue in order to obtain.

However, there is no denying that the app can also be used more damage reason. “this Malware Potentially more dangerous threats can spread, ”said Lucas Stefanco. Further: “It would be possible that they Banking trojan, Ransomware, or Spyware Distributed “. Anyone who uses WhatsApp regularly should pay special attention to news at this time.

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