Millions of routers affected: Critical vulnerability threatens user devices

Millions of routers affected: Critical vulnerability threatens user devices

Security researchers at SentiLabs have found a fatal flaw in various popular routers had to face, It is therefore located in the so called NetUSB kernel of manufacturer KCodes. The module is used by many network manufacturers and therefore can be found in millions of routers around the world, as the researchers write.

Attackers can use the vulnerability to gain access to the router and then run dangerous malicious code there. The good news is that researchers are yet to find any indication that the vulnerability has been exploited.

Router Vulnerabilities: These Manufacturers Are Affected

Netgear routers are also affected by the vulnerability.


As SentinelLabs writes, the following manufacturers are affected by the vulnerability:

  • netgear
  • tp-link
  • tent
  • edimax
  • D-Link
  • Western Digital

So the vulnerability was discovered in early September 2021, and then a patch was sent out on October 4. Currently, however, only TP-Link is offering a firmware update for the D7800, R6400v2 and R6700v3 models that closes the gap.

If you have a device from the mentioned manufacturers at home, you should check in the next few days and weeks to see if an update will be introduced. For example, how to install updates on TP-Link devices, we show you here,

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