Captain America is retiring its 2015 iPhone 6s –

Captain America is retiring its 2015 iPhone 6s -

American captain Say goodbye to your old iPhone on Twitter.

Actor Chris Evans is best known for his role as “Captain America” ​​in the Marvel Universe. Of course such superheroes also have a super iPhone. At least that’s what we thought…

The specific case of “thinking”. Evans recently said goodbye to his iPhone 6s via Twitter. iPhone 6s: It Arrived in Germany Launched in October 2015, little here!

Evans was a fan of the Home button, which is currently only available on the iPhone SE.

For seven years he had problems with the 2015 device. The photo quality is pretty bad now, the battery is definitely out of date. He also found it difficult to load the elderly. Now it must be an iPhone 13!

farewell to home button

In his tweet he writes (translated):

RIP iPhone 6S

We had a good run. I will miss your home button.

I won’t miss the night’s struggle to charge you. Or your grainy images. Or your suddenly drops from 100% battery to 15%, completely discharged in minutes.

It’s been a wild ride. Relax friend.

Photo: Disney+

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