King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match – Now Available on PS4

King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match - Now Available on PS4

SNK CORPORATION today digitally released The Wing of Farts 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH (KOF 2002 UM) on PlayStation 4 for € 14.99. A physical version will be released this spring. KOF 2002 UM, the sequel to Cope 2002, offers several new features on the PS4, including an expanded roster of 66 characters, revised graphics, and capabilities. Online matches run much more smoothly thanks to the newly introduced rollback netcode.

Online features include:

  • Rollback Netcode – KOF 2002 UM has a modern rollback netcode, which significantly reduces online matches. Players can adjust the settings to improve the online gaming experience.
  • Quality of Life Improvement for Online Versus Mode – KOF 2002 UM provides online features that allow players to analyze their matches and learn from their mistakes. This includes the ability to re-watch your last ten online matches, a win / lose counter and a cowldown to prevent rematching after a swift defeat.
  • Two unique online modes – Match results are shared in “Rank Match” and players can set their own versus settings in “Player Match” compared to online.

new features:

  • 66 available fighters In addition to the original KOF 2002 characters, fighters from previous parts, hidden characters and a special character called “NAMELESS” are joining to form the largest roster of all KOF games so far.
  • Better graphics and background music – Every demo screen, every cut scene and every winning screen has been completely redesigned. The game’s soundtrack has also been mastered to make matches more intense.
  • Many new and old steps – New attacks and special attacks that were created specifically for this title, but old steps are also making a comeback. In addition, the game mechanics and skills of the characters have been revamped.
  • Major Max Mode and Max 2 Updates – All attacks of frustration in Kof 2002 can be quelled with the “Max Mode” system. The final “MAX2” move is even more impressive and easy to perform.
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