Archaeologists discover sensational pearls in Alaska

Archaeologists discover sensational pearls in Alaska

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Christopher Columbus may have discovered America in 1492 – but some blue glass beads may have first discovered him when he discovered the USA, as researchers have now discovered.

  • Archaeologists find blue glass beads in Alaska
  • Pearls probably reached America before Christopher Columbus
  • Researcher enthusiastic about sensational discovery

Like Fairbanks of the University of Alaska on Thursday (February 4, 2021) in one Press release Writes, archaeologists in Alaska have made a sensational discovery: at “Punya Point”, a famous archaeological excavation site, archaeologists found three blue glass beads during excavations in 2004 and 2005 – some with plant fibers.

Researchers find Venetian pearls in Alaska

After a long investigation, scientists discovered that blueberry-shaped pearls were made in Venice, Italy. An examination of the plant fibers caused another sensation: it was discovered that the plant must have survived around the year 1400.

Mike Kunz, co-author of the associated study, published in the journal Science in January 2021 “American antiquity“Appeared, told the University of Alaska,” We almost finished. It was said that the plant must have been around 1400. I was like that, wow! “

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Upon further investigation, archaeologists believe that the pearl must have reached Alaska between 1440 and 1480.

Pearls probably reached Alaska before Columbus

“This is the earliest date at which European material has ever reached the New World by overland transport,” Kunz said.

Little blue pearls can travel more than 10,000 miles in the pockets of adventurers to reach the Strait between Bering Strait – Asia and America. From there someone took them across the sea to Alaska.

The researchers determined the age of the pearl by examining the history of glass production in Venice.

In fact, Venice maintained trade routes with civilizations across Asia in the 14th century. The university said the pearls could be brought along the Silk Road to China before they reached the Russian Far East.

From there, a merchant could capture the pearl across the Bering Strait in the kayak. (Ta)

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