Art in a Public Place in Jockgrim: The “Towering Forest” in front of the Town Hall has gone

Art in a Public Place in Jockgrim: The "Towering Forest" in front of the Town Hall has gone

Jockgrim. From November 2014 to April 14, 2021, the sculpture “Die Offragende” by Franz Bernhard stood in front of the town hall of the local community Jockgrim on Maximilianstrasse.

On the morning of 14 April, Corton Steele’s sculpture left Jockgrim behind a truck forever. The trip went to Tifental in Bad Durkim district. From May 2021, she will attend an exhibition at the Kunst Cabernet Tiefenthal visible. Fifteen sculptures by Franz Bernhard are displayed in Wolfgang Thomczek’s gallery, and the eye-catching art is “a towing one” in the cabinet’s entrance area.

In the autumn of 2021, “The Towering Woman” will visit Caesarluttern and find its permanent place in front of the Museum of Palatinate Gallery, Museum Kunstaglieri Kaiserslautern (MPK). Pfalzgalerie pays tribute to one of the most important German sculptors, Franz Bernhard. In 1989, he was honored with the important Lewis Corinth Award.

The artist was born in 1934 in Neuheuser in the Bohemian Forest and lived and worked in Jockgrim in 1972 until his death in 2013. In 2015, for the 750th anniversary of Jockgrim, four large sculptures by Franz Bernhard were displayed on loan from his wife, Lucia Bernhard. Two of the loans are still in Jockgrim, with a “sitting figure” in the local community town hall on Schillerstrasse and a “tall man sitting” on Ludowaki Chapel. It would be nice if two plants could live permanently in Jockgrim. Ludovici Chapel has a corpus, baptismal font and “Cross of the Body” drawing by Franz Bernhard.

Many of Franz Bernhard’s works are from the Andreas Scalle Foundation, Karlsruhe. The foundation aims to promote visual arts, film and music. It promotes the work of the artistic life of the sculptor Professor Franz Bernhard and creates a collection of works by the artist to the public, promotes the scientific processing and processing of the work and supports related publications.

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Jockgrim is unfortunately released after “The Tearing”, there are still 19 arts to explore on Jokgre Art Art

"Towing one" Hanging on the crane

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