A year on the moon? Astronaut Matthias Maurer says: I’m in!

A year on the moon?  Astronaut Matthias Maurer says: I'm in!

Stations are to be built for long duration missions on the lunar surface. Although the journey to the Moon takes only four days, the lunar sand at a distance of about 384,400 kilometers can quickly fall on your head.

When German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer was still on the International Space Station, we have ask them many questions, We’ve saved an answer for the start of the Artemis I moon mission, which MDR Wissen will broadcast live on Aug. 29 (if NASA’s current schedule lives). We asked Maurer if he would participate in a lunar mission—even if he had to stay there for a year.

Some people will never want to go to the moon even if they get the chance. Others will be happy for a short time. A whole year can make you dizzy – Matthias Maurer doesn’t. He will immediately agree.

Matthias Maurer and the Moon: “I’m in!”

At the thought of living on the Moon for some time, Maurer becomes enthused: “Everyone dreams of enjoying the experience of walking on the Moon – asking themselves: What it would be like to walk on the Moon and be able to explore it.” ”

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