Dubai: Princess Latifah should be cared for at home

Dubai: Princess Latifah should be cared for at home

After the release of Call for help secretly recorded on video K amir ki beti Dubai The ruling family has now spoken for itself: Sheikha Latifah will be “cared for” in her home, the family said in a message from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Friday London Published opinion. Media reports will not “reflect the actual situation”. The United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR) had earlier demanded a sign of life from the princess who was reportedly held in Dubai.

“Your family has confirmed that Your Highness is cared for at home, supported by her family and medical experts,” the ruling family continued. Latifa has not been seen publicly since attempting to flee in 2018. She says he is being held in a villa in Dubai. British broadcaster BBC This week published a video call for help from 35-year-old children. The photos were provided by the princess’s friends.

┬╗We spoke to Permanent Mission (of Emirates) yesterday Geneva OHCR spokesman Liz Throssel said in front of reporters on Friday. “We have requested more information and clarification about the current status of Sheikha Latifah,” Throssell said.

The Human Rights Office told the UAE embassy about its “concern” about “disturbing video content”. The Office of the United Nations lowered the expectations of human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch, which was expected to demand the release of the Princess of the United Nations.

Overwhelmed by orders

According to the BBC, Latifah recorded the video for almost a year after being forced to return to Dubai. According to her own account, she recorded video messages to friends with a cell phone intruded from outside in the toilet, as it was the only room she could lock. Your friends have now given it to the BBC. In it, he also told how he was overwhelmed and immersed by a commando in the United Arab Emirates during his flight in 2018 and only regained consciousness in Dubai.

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The city-state of Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates. Latifa’s father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rasid Al Maktoum, is a Dubai-based rich and rich vice-president and head of government. In video messages recorded with a cell phone, the 35-year-old accused his father of being held as a “hostage” in Dubai since he failed to escape nearly three years ago.

The Dubai government briefly stated in April 2018 that Latifah had been “brought back” to her family and she was fine. Months later, the Emirate’s government published her photographs and assured her that she would receive all the “necessary care and support”.

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