Tinder: What’s the Mysterious Allo Score?

Tinder: What's the Mysterious Allo Score?

Tinder’s Elo score continues to cause discussion on the Internet. The dating app no ​​longer uses them. We will tell you what the mysterious value is.

Although the Elo score is no longer used on Tinder, it is still a cause for discussion on the Internet. (Source: Sharfmaksumov /depositphoto.com,

  • The Elo score was a calculated value that could define the popularity of your profile.
  • The number of likes and the amount of time the app was actively used affected the Elo score, among other things.
  • Today, Tinder uses a new algorithm that puts more emphasis on simultaneous use and location.

match system with tinder The job is very complex and designed to give you the best possible match. For this, Tinder worked until 2019 with the Allo Score – a numerical value that reflects the popularity of your profile and depends on how often your profile was displayed to other users.

This system has not been used for many years. Nevertheless, there are still various speculations and myths about it on the internet. That’s why we’ll tell you below how the Allo score works, how you can influence the score, and how Tinder works today.

Elo Score – He’s Behind It

Briefly, the Elo score is a numeric, meaning a numerical value that was assigned to each profile. The score varies based on various factors. Relevant criteria for Elo score include the following:

  • Active use of the app
  • picture quality
  • Swipe behavior of other users on your profile
  • How many profiles do you swipe right
  • Like-to-Match Ratio
  • response number in chat
  • Duration and number of messages in chat
  • The amount of information in the profile

Tinder calculates your Allo score from the factors mentioned above and some other unknown factors. The company has not shared the exact calculation base with its users in order to maintain a certain authenticity and prevent manipulating its own scores. It was not even possible to see the exact score.

Elo score is irrelevant today

A was released in March 2019 tinder blog post, in which the current working of the algorithm was explained at least a little. In this, the company writes that Allo no longer plays any role in the evaluation and ranking of user profiles. It is an old and outdated system that does not meet the modern requirements.

Interesting too…

Today, Tinder claims to more strongly rank profiles according to user activity. The longer the regular use of the app every day, the higher the chances of getting new matches. Location-based proximity to other users as well as likes and dislikes and specified interests now plays a bigger role too – without having to resort to a static rating number.

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