WhatsApp adds new status options

WhatsApp adds new status options

WhatsApp users will soon be able to hide the status information of different contacts. Developers are currently testing the new functions in beta versions of smartphones with iOS and Android.

WhatsApp developers are testing features that allow users to turn off status information for individual contacts. According to wabetainfo.com This affects the “Last Seen”, “Profile Picture” and “About” options. Until now, these status details could only be hidden for all contacts.

The functions are already available to users of existing beta versions of the Android and iOS operating systems. Users can find the option under menu item “Account”, “Privacy” in WhatsApp settings. There you can see the menu items “Last Online”, “Profile Picture” and “Info”, under which individual contacts can be hidden.

More changes planned for users

this year Messenger developers want Add more changes to your schedule. Among other things, an extended delete function is planned that will allow users to delete already read messages after a period of more than the last 60 minutes. In addition, it will soon be possible to send high-resolution photos via Messenger. So far, the images have been received by the recipient with significantly lower quality.

This is mainly due to the fact that these images are compressed by WhatsApp and result in reduced quality. Users should be given the opportunity to decide for themselves the quality of the photos to be sent. It is not known when this option will come.

WhatsApp has gradually made several improvements over the past few weeks. all above There were changes in voice messages, Users can now listen to voice messages outside the chat. It is also possible to pause and resume voice recording. The new functions should have arrived for most users by now.

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