Windows 365: How Much Do Microsoft’s Cloud PCs Cost?

Windows 365: How Much Do Microsoft's Cloud PCs Cost?

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Microsoft reveals prices for its Windows 365 cloud computers

With Windows 365 you get your very own cloud PC. But how expensive is this pleasure?

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17.07.2021 – 12:03

Windows 365 is the name of Microsoft’s new cloud PC service. Officially the prices will not be announced for a few weeks, but the first information has already been revealed.

Windows 11 is not the only major innovation currently available from Microsoft. A few days ago the company also got a new one. Windows 365 Presented. We’ll tell you what it’s about and how expensive the service is.

Windows 365: Your Computer in the Cloud

How great would it be if you had a computer that you could access anytime, anywhere? This is precisely the concept that Microsoft is tackling with its new Windows 365 project. It is completely Virtual PC which is located in Microsoft cloud. This means you can access your data and programs from anywhere.

But how expensive is such a cloud PC? The Verge Magazine ReportedThat Microsoft didn’t really want to announce prices until August 2. But they (perhaps mistakenly) slipped an initial pricing model for Windows 365 costs as part of a Microsoft Inspire presentation.

Configure your own computer

There it was shown how companies can register for Windows 365 to provide their employees with Virtual PC. How good these computers should be can be configured individually. There are various options regarding this:

  • Processor (CPU).
  • Main memory (RAM).
  • memory size.

How expensive are cloud PCs?

The following pricing model was a preset option: for cloud PCs with 2 CPUs, 4 gigabytes of RAM, and 128 gigabytes of storage capacity $31 per month The rest is gone.

It should be noted that this is not the cheapest configuration. So there are both more expensive and cheaper types. According to a Microsoft representative, a list of all models for Windows 365 cost will be available starting August 2.

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For Microsoft 365 will return the legendary (and annoying) Office assistant Clippy. But only as an emoji. all important Information about Microsoft’s new flagship operating system Windows 11 can be found here.

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