Aldi makes fun of insane cashier speed in client clips – Discounter reacts instantly

Aldi makes fun of insane cashier speed in client clips - Discounter reacts instantly

An Aldi customer publishes a humorous video in which he makes fun of the cashier’s commotion. Aldi immediately reacts to the clip.

Munich – If you are looking for short comedic videos, you will find what you are looking for on the Ticketock platform. A TikToker regularly publishes funny videos on various groups of people and their behavior, among other things. The titles of these videos are “Teachers Be Like …”, “Hairdresser Be Like …” or “Doctors Be Like …”.

The clip is viewed millions of times and provides a lot of entertainment for the users. And the discounter Aldi was also not spared. The video “Be like Aldi employees …” was viewed nearly 14 million times. The video shows a young man mimicking the Aldi cashier – exaggerated of course: he is pulling stuff at his checkout at an insane pace. Okay, the details: “Aldi employees are faster than Ferrari.” The discounter seems to be known for quick checkout. Aldi is now fulfilling the wishes of many customers. From May, the discounter will test a new range in selected branches.

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Funny video about Aldi: TikToker makes fun of crazy cashier speed

When he is at checkout, he replies to his imaginary customers: “You can also do two checkouts, yes,” he says, “You can, but you don’t have to.” He moves products faster. Speed ​​and turns to the customer in front of him: “Can I slow down?” No, they will have to be a bit faster, but I will help you a little bit. “As soon as told, he throws stuff all over the room, apparently in the customer’s shopping cart.”

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And the tension of the “cashier” continues: “Will you tell me the number of papayas?” He calls a colleague. And the quick checkout continues and is not interrupted when he asks a customer to take a shopping cart and “put the mask on his nose, please”.
But then the fast-paced caching is interrupted and he holds an apple in his hand: “You have to weigh it. I can’t do it … yes, then send it to your daughter, “he insists, urging the customer. When the daughter is on the way, he yells “yes, yes”, ending the video.

Aldi’s reaction to the Tiktok video.

There were almost two million likes for the exaggerated and fun video. Comments show how funny users find the clip: “I’m still laughing!” “Omg how can you be so funny?” Many users see the cashier’s speed positively in Aldi: “They are faster than Usain Bolt”, “In Aldi, all cash registers are express cash registers! And I love it!” Also speaks. The Aldi-Nord Tiktok account responded with humor and wrote with a laughing smiley: “You can’t weigh anything with us!” A clip on the Irish president’s Ticktock account caused excitement . (JSH)

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