It is said that Amira Pochar took such a fee

It is said that Amira Pochar took such a fee

Amira Pochar is said to have the best earnings ever as compared to her competitors. Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Amira Pochar could not make it to the finals of “Let’s Dance”. He received the least number of calls in Show XI and had to leave the show. In the run-up, she showed herself confident of victory and insisted: “I take this seriously and of course I want to go to the finals.” In the end, the mother of two sons had to tremble next to Mathias Meester, who eventually secured the final ticket with Janine Ullmann and René Casselli.

However, Amira’s involvement in the entertainment format was financially worthwhile, irrespective of her placement. In form of “PictureNow it turns out that she got the highest fee for “Let’s Dance”.

Celebrities in dance shows should have earned this

Amira has more than eleven weeks behind her, during which she worked hard with dance partner Massimo Sinato. For the semi-finals she again had to go full force, as each pair had to perform three dances. In addition to two separate dances, there was also “Impro Dance Even More Extreme” where they didn’t know what to expect.

After Amira was voted out, she said: “I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow.” training demands a lot from them Stars far. According to “Build” information, Amira received about 160,000 euros for her participation. Mathias Meester and Janine Ullmann got “only” 70,000 euros. Janine is considered a big favorite for the title “Dancing Star”.

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By the way, moderator Ricardo Basile and young politician Caroline Bosbach are said to have received only 35,000 euros for the job “Let’s Dance”. Professional dancer Massimo Sinato is said to have paid a similar fee.

Jurgen Milski, who himself took part in the hit show in 2012, told the newspaper: “Nowhere else on television do you have to work as hard as a candidate here. Everything hurts. He’s not hippy hopsy. It’s hard work, where you’re proud of what you’ve got out of it.” Incidentally, René and dance professional Katherine Menzinger herself said that they train twelve hours a day to get a performance off the floor.


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