“Bauer Such Frau” Star Surprised With Confession About “Playboy”

"Bauer Such Frau" Star Surprised With Confession About "Playboy"

Antonia Hemmer now answers fans’ questions.Image: Instagram / Antonia Hemmer

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Antonia Hemmer became known through the Dom show “Bauer Sucht Frau”. Here she met Patrick Romer. After the show, both became a couple and got into a long distance relationship. Recently, Antonia and Patrick caused a sensation, especially because of their participation in “Summer House of the Stars”. The Reason: He used to abuse and tease his girlfriend time and again. so much that fan She even suggested to the makeup artist that she should break up with him.

But Antonia made it clear that they have no intention of breaking up. Instead, the couple wanted his Relationship Work. The 26-year-old has already apologized to him for his behaviour. She appealed to her fans: “I can’t take all these comments anymore. No matter what I do that day, it all relates to Patrick: ‘Are you doing this because of Patrick?’ Please don’t bother me.”

Now Antonia is making headlines with a different campaign. because: up instagram She started a question-and-answer session and surprisingly revealed that she would be photographed for “Playboy.”

Antonia Hemmer Speaks Plain Text: This Is How She Feels About “Playboy”

“Will you pose for Playboy?” A fan asked him on Instagram. Antonia then replied: “Yes, in any case I will not mind. You know: I already had an erotic calendar that I published two years ago.” At that time she was also in touch with “Playboy” for some time. “Nothing is revealed yet, but who knows what the future holds, my dear friends,” revealed Antonia.

Talks openly about possible involvement in Antonia "lazy",

Antonia frankly talks about possible participation in “Playboy”. Image: Instagram / Antonia Hemmer

So it would hardly surprise fans if Antonia suddenly appeared in the magazine.

Also a user asked if she would take part in “Bauer Sucht Frau” again. Then he explained: “I think I’ll do it over and over again. It was just an incredibly beautiful format. I still love working with ‘Bauer Sucht Frau’. There is such a great team behind this. I really recommend it to everyone.”

Antonia will always come back "Farmer is looking for wife" To participate

Antonia always participated in “Bauer Sucht Frau”.Image: Instagram / Antonia Hemmer

He is excited about the show. So she suggested other interested parties: “If you see someone on television that you like, by all means apply.” It is also for farmers who want to find love. She advises them: “Do it, try it. If it doesn’t work, it won’t work, but then at least you tried. Let me tell you, you’ll have an unforgettable time.”

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