Egypt cools off at COP27: climate summit attendees frozen | Politics

Egypt cools off at COP27: climate summit attendees frozen |  Politics

Should the air conditioning really be on?

Climate defenders, activists, heads of state and eco-lobists are meeting in Egypt these days for the COP International Climate Conference. Others include Louisa Neubauer (26), EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (64) and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64).

The mighty tell the world how to save the earth by saving energy. But save energy yourself? none. BILD reporters on the site report that the air conditioning is running at full speed everywhere. In meeting halls, participants sometimes wear scarves because it is so cool.

And climate savvy has a better go: For days there has been criticism that many participants arrived in half-empty private planes and tons of kerosene was wasted unnecessarily.

European parliamentarian and climate expert Peter Liese (57, CDU) wrote against Bild: “The people responsible in Sharm el-Sheikh must immediately ensure that the complaint is settled.” Everyone must be saved, which is why the European Parliament also decided to use the wind. Conditioning in rooms to a maximum of 25 ° C. Lease commented: “It would also be a good example for those responsible in the COP.”

There was also culinary criticism: Sharm el-Sheikh’s menu included tuna, chicken and salmon, among other things. Vegetarians and vegetarians were disappointed among climate savers.

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