Instagram star Claire Spurgin is aggressively dealing with her illness

Instagram star Claire Spurgin is aggressively dealing with her illness

For years Claire Spurgin (25) was ashamed of her psoriasis and tried to hide the skin disease. That’s enough! The English woman is open about her diagnosis of psoriasis (that’s the medical term) – and is celebrated on the internet for it!

The story of Claire’s suffering begins in 2016.daily starShe says: “I got a sunburn on my shoulders that won’t heal.” My shoulders were drying up. And then there were points on my body that kept spreading.”

Claire Spurgin’s Psoriasis Is All Over Her BodyPhoto: Instagram/claire__psoriasis

The British lady went to some doctors, but they were at a loss. It wasn’t until a year later that she met a dermatologist who diagnosed psoriasis. “You can carry the psoriasis gene without having psoriasis — as long as something doesn’t trigger an outbreak,” says Claire Spurgin. In her case, it was sunburn.

Subsequent years were marked by shame. “When I wanted to wear a bikini to the beach it took me a long time to accept my skin and not be afraid of hardening. I was always afraid that someone might point a finger at me.”

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How many people asked, this 25 year old girl was surprised: What has happened to you? “It was very uncomfortable for me at the time.” The result: The full-time wine specialist hid her psoriasis, and she was embarrassed by the spots. In addition to a feeling of shame, she suffered from constant itching and pain.

Steroid creams and light treatments helped in the short term, but there is no cure for psoriasis. And so Claire Spurgin relies above all on acceptance and self-love. “I’ve learned how to soothe my skin and am happy with the way I look now.”

Instagram helps the courageous woman, where she is now followed by over 13,000 people. She says: “My followers really support me.” In the comments, several other influencers spoke out and thanked their heroine for the inspiration.

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