“I’m scared!”: Farmer Hans knows no mercy—and serves the horse-shy Lady-in-Waiting

"I'm scared!": Farmer Hans knows no mercy—and serves the horse-shy Lady-in-Waiting

Updated on 05/10/2022 10:17 PM

  • Farmer Hans, 63, makes short work of Waiting Nina in Canada.
  • Although he finds the single woman extremely attractive, he has a major problem with him: she is afraid of horses.
  • Meanwhile, coffee farmer Felix and his waitress Simone get close to a picnic.

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showdown in Canada Feather “Farmer is looking for wife International”: Animal lover and rescuer On Hans’s large farm, two contestants Nina and Danielle struggle with the humane behavior of the 63-year-old. “I sometimes get the impression that Hans is perfectly happy with his animals,” Nina guesses, “I really don’t know if he really needs a woman.” And Danielle isn’t able to understand Farmer’s “poker face.” Both women want Farmer to take significantly more initiative. Nina is Disappointed: “I need someone who recognizes me as a woman and not just a friend.”

As he was listening, Hans asked the women to ride with him. No problem for Danielle, who is an equestrian herself – in contrast, Nina has never ridden a horse. Hans makes no move to help him, so the contestant makes sure that Nina gets on Hans’ horse “Snowman”. However, he is not comfortable with the matter. “Is this dangerous for me?” she asks curiously. After a while she descended again: “I’m afraid, I’m going down!”

“Two women at the same time, that’s really not normal”

On a ride in a nearby national park, Hans wants to get to know horse lover Danielle better. He is happy, as he had previously complained about the farmer’s lack of interest: “The time has come to ask a little who I am,” she wished. During the conversation, the 63-year-old slowly opens up and also reports on past, painful relationships. Danielle feels much better afterwards.

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Unlike Nina. She lives alone on the farm and worries about it. It cannot go on like this. “Two women at the same time, it’s really not normal,” she says calmly. After the ride, Hans also tries to speak directly to the woman waiting – and is rejected. “I think you’re really great and interesting, but I think I have something else in common with Danielle,” he tells her. However, Nina can live with the decision. “It’s all right,” she says.

A sparkling picnic between Felix and Simone in Peru

Peruvian coffee farmer Felix lures the waiting lady Simone to a picnic.

© RTL / Edward Bolivar Movies

Coffee farmer Felix and his lady-in-waiting Simone get to know each other on a picnic. It takes place in the shell of a new hut. “This could be your future living room,” entices Farmer Simone. He is clearly impressed. And so in the evening comes the first kiss between the two singles. The beautician is still cautious. “It was cool, but I don’t think he can really open up yet,” she says. Also, the amateur card reader had placed some cards which made him suspicious.

However, the next morning the two had breakfast together – in a bed. Mood: Exuberant. “I had some butterflies in my stomach,” says Simone happily. She affectionately pushes the farmer to the side and calls him “my fat boy”. Felix also has a surprise: He named a coffee bean after his lady-in-waiting: “Simone Bean”.

With Justin and Steffi in Alsace, Rudiger and Martina in South Africa and Rollinka and Frank in southern France, the signs point to love. For whom the RTL dating show really has a happy ending, viewers will find out next Monday (May 16) in the final episode of this season of “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale”. (f)
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