Vanessa Mai made a surprise announcement

Vanessa Mai made a surprise announcement

Vanessa Mai was a guest on Giovanni Zarrella’s show for the first time. He not only sang a song, but also announced the news.

In addition to stars like Andrea Berg and Might Kelly, Vanessa Mai also appeared on “Giovanni Zarrella Show” for the first time on Saturday evening. The 30-year-old performed her song “747” in a short pink mini skirt and a cleverly cut top.

Later, the musician spoke to the host of the show about his new biography, among other things. With her book, she wants to show that “it’s worth standing up for your values ​​in life, that it’s worth fighting for your dreams,” says the singer.

Cloud Free is making a comeback after seven years

Then Giovanni Zarrella came up with another topic. Because Vanessa Mai has news for her fans. The solo artist will release another album with his former band Volkenfrey next year.

“Next year, exactly ten years ago, my path began – with clouds,” she explains to the moderator. “And on this tenth anniversary there will actually be one last Volkenfrey album next year.”

“I Know Where I Came From”

In 2013, Vanessa Mai collaborated with musicians Mark Fischer and Stephen Kinski to release the song “Jeans, T-Shirt and Freedom”. This was the beginning of his career. Only two years later, the two men move out and Vanessa Mae becomes cloud free alone. She finally dropped the name in 2016.

Vanessa Mai with her band members Mark Fischer and Stephen Kinski (Source: Imago Stock & People)

But now the 30-year-old is celebrating a comeback with Cloud Free. However, it is only a short-term return. “My roots and my homeland will always be a hit,” she clarifies. “I know where I came from and that will never change.”

She is already working on new songs. “I walked into this studio and it smelled just like it was seven years ago,” she remembers. “When I sang the first song… it was so magical.” Vanessa Mai will perform these songs in the next “Giovanni Zarrella Show”. ZDF will show the sixth edition on February 25, 2023.

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