Amazon: Soon, Packages Will Be Available For Password Only

Amazon: Soon, Packages Will Be Available For Password Only

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Amazon may soon deliver packages against password only

Amazon Delivery Soon may require a password to receive the parcel.

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“Your Amazon package was deposited in the hallway” – this could soon be history. The shipping giant is working on new shipping options. One possible option: soon to be able to accept packages only against a password.

Who heroine Ordered, often go to your neighbors. Either the parcel carrier arrives at the worst possible time or simply delivers the collected order to a single neighbor – a nuisance and risk to many.

But it may end soon. The shipping giant is apparently working on a new type of delivery. Accordingly, for particularly expensive orders, a password may soon be required to receive the package.

Amazon is apparently working on “secure delivery with one-time passwords”

Especially in large cities, many customers feel uncomfortable when an awkward neighbor accepts an expensive shipment. To avoid fraud, Amazon will use a “one-time password” in the future. As soon as the shipment has been dispatched, a six digit code is to be generated, which is sent to the customer on the e-mail address stored in the account. Only then should the delivery person deliver the package with the correct password.

If you are not at home, the parcel service tries to deliver again the next day and a new code is generated. The respective password should be valid for one day only.

Amazon Germany chief Ralf Kleber in an interview

Delivery to neighbors is still possible

If you know your neighbors and want them to continue to accept parcels, you can indicate that. However, you must also give them the password, otherwise they will not receive the package.

In addition, Amazon is apparently testing “free express delivery.” It differs from “same day delivery” as it has different time windows. According to the IT blog “Caschys Blog”, the package may arrive on the same day or the next day by 1 PM, depending on the time of the order.

This option is not yet shown to all Amazon customers. It is not known if it will be officially available anytime soon.

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