“Bahu Chahti Thi” : The bowling evening is on – the candidates run away – TV

"Bahu Chahti Thi" : The bowling evening is on - the candidates run away - TV

Alarm on the bowling alley!

Münsterland’s Tobias Bush (45) certainly didn’t expect the two women to argue so much about him! But Gabby (52) and Andrea (47) did not treat the hospital staff to each other at all. In the previous episode, Andrea reacts by being annoyed by Gabby’s persistent attempts to flirt with Tobias. After the two women feuded, the jealousy barometer hit the mark.

And then that too: Gabby had convinced Tobias of herself after recording a vocal in the studio and, as a reward, was allowed to spend an evening of intimate cooking together with the object of her desire. Meanwhile, Andrea was listening to Mama Marianne (68) about her son’s culinary preferences so that she could pamper him at the next opportunity: “I’ll have my chance.”

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Andrea (left) and Mama Marianne chat a bitPhoto: TVNOW

Meanwhile, Gabi snuggled up to Tobias in front of the fireplace, but learned the bitter truth about his relationship with contestant Andrea: “We kissed too.” “He took me by surprise. I was paralyzed, stunned!”

A battle plan had to be found, and for Gabby it was: Don’t mess up! During a bowling evening with Tobias, Marianne and rival Andrea, she delved deep into the teaser box and literally covered her chosen one with icing: “You’ve won my heart again. You’re awesome. You’re so cute, Bunny. Your eyes!”

Bachelor Tobias with two of his chosen ones: Gabby (left) and Andrea

Bachelor Tobias with two of his chosen ones: Gabby (left) and AndreaPhoto: TVNOW

During this excavation, Andrea tore off the string of the cap: “Yes, but you don’t need to overdo it right away. Your exaggerated joy…! But Gabby had one goal: “Andrea, if you want Toby for yourself, you have to work hard too. I am no longer supporting. I want Toby for me!”

Then Andrea angrily left the restaurant: “She doesn’t have all the cups in her cupboard anymore!” The fight was too much for Tobias to fend for himself – he came to tears. A reason to sprinkle salt on Gabby’s wound again: “Yeah, you wouldn’t have thought, right? With two beautiful women?”

Then Tobias also ran away: he ran out in search of Andrea, who was still walking desperately. When he finally found her, he took her in his arms and tried to save what could be saved. Berliner was still at 180: “I kept my mouth shut for a long time. I was calm. And today I broke my collar.”

For Tobias, it’s a reason to scratch their heads: “I noticed that the mood was completely changing. And I realized: if you don’t say anything now, they’re both gone. I’ve got to put my mind to it now.” have to make, and I have made up my mind for you.”

He did not even want to consult mother Marion in advance – he sealed his decision with a tender kiss.

Tobias listens to your heart

Tobias listens to his heart – sometimes he has tearsPhoto: TVNOW

Back at the bowling alley he gives the bad news to Gabby: “Gabi, you’re a great woman. But that won’t be enough for our relationship.” Still in tears again – to Tobias: “I’m really sorry But it’s my heart.

Mama Marianne looked at the scene in astonishment: “It surprised me so much!” But he gave his blessing: “That’s how it will come, that’s what I wanted.”

She would certainly welcome Tobias's decision of heart: Moderator and love envoy Vera Int-Wein (53)

Moderator and love messenger Vera Int-Win (53)Photo: TVNOW

Meanwhile, Tobias sobbed again in Andreas’s arms and vowed his love: “I would not have thought that I could fall in love again in such a short time. I am completely in love with you now. ”

He didn’t want to wait long for the next step: “We’ll spend the night together before you sleep here alone.” His beloved also listened softly to the church bell in the background: “I wish I was with Tobias forever and ever, maybe even marry someday.”

Gabby’s exit made Andreas Gluck perfect: “I’m really looking forward to the time that lies ahead of me. And that without Gabby. Excellent!”

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