Who is Goldie? Was the mask open?

Who is Goldie?  Was the mask open?

In the clip: Goldie sings Danielle Potter’s “Bad Day”

Goldie has two sides, plush and scratchy

Goldie’s exterior is plush and invites you to hug, but the mask doesn’t like hearing that at all. The star would have preferred to come across as tough and serious on “The Masked Singer.” It would also be better for the voice, as it is distinct and hoarse.

Goldie doesn’t want to be cute

What do clues mean? We learn that from Goldie’s introductory clip:

  • Contrary to his contract, Goldie doesn’t want to be cute.
  • Goldie sees herself as the strongest and most alcoholic.
  • Goldie does not like dirty things.
  • His new home is Goldland.
  • That should make Goldland even more golden.

For this reason, Goldie will want to unmask herself immediately so that she doesn’t have to be cute anymore. But in order not to breach the contract, Goldie had to hope that the audience would not continue to vote for her. But the fans liked this tremendous teddy of his and they voted for him. Never before has a fa├žade so pissed off about progress as Goldie.

In circumstantial clip: She was a disaster

These Celebs Trade Under Goldie Masks

Goldie’s paradoxes in Episode 1 leave the guessing team wondering. Ruth, Linda and Smoodow to name a few:

  • nosy,
  • Sebastian Vettel
  • axle first
  • martin rueter

After the show Numero 2, in which Goldie performed “Bad Day” by Daniel Power with an evil voice, the celebrity names of the speculative trio Ruth Moschner, Caroline Kebacus, and Eko Fresh came out as:

  • torsten stratae
  • Jurgen von der Lippe
  • armin rohde
  • ben baker
  • wiggled boning
  • heinz honigo
  • Ollie Schulzo
  • Oliver Kalkoffe
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This is what the #MaskedSinger community is currently saying in the JoynMe app:

  1. elton
  2. armin rohde
  3. Detlef Steves
  4. axle first
  5. Ollie Schulzo

Is the advice team or fan base right with Goldie’s suggestions? The next chance to unveil will be next Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 8:15 pm on ProSieben.

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