“7 Versus Wild” Viewers Get a Strange Discovery — Meineke Takes a Stand

"7 Versus Wild" Viewers Get a Strange Discovery — Meineke Takes a Stand

Fritz Meineke comments on the community’s allegations.Image: Screenshot: Instagram/Fritzmeinecke


Anna von Stefanelli

“7 vs Wild” is in the news. The videos of the latest season get millions of clicks in a very short span of time. This makes survival shows one of the most successful German YouTube formats. Not only the main videos are watched by millions of viewers. A lot of attention is also paid to the reactions of the participants and other YouTubers.

Now, however, viewers have discovered a detail that makes them doubt the authenticity of the draft. The inventor of the project, Fitz Meineke, does not allow himself to be criticized – and takes a stand.

Real existence or fake show? details heat up anger

The concept behind the show has clearly been well received. The format is probably so successful because it feels more authentic than any other survival show out there. After all, the seven participants are completely on their own in the jungle. On the island, which belongs to Panama, they have to survive for seven days without a camera team and with only a few items. They only film themselves.

In the fifth part of the second season, which is called “7 vs. Wild: Panama – Fritz at the End”, however, the audience discovered something that is now causing heated discussions. Specifically, it’s about a scene with Fritz Meineke, the creator of the format. Feather Twitter Transmits a screenshot of the moment. To Watch For: A description that’s overpowering Opinion Multiple users should not exist.

Because: On the GPS tracker that participants always use for security reasons Body Wear a digital watch.

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Many commentators are confused about this: “Am I crazy, or is the time displayed on the part? All the participants repeatedly emphasize that they cannot guess what time it is.” Another writes: “Why do they always pretend they have no idea what time it is?” Others question the authenticity of the draft. After all, the candidates should not have the watch at all. either?

Is the show just fake?

No, other users think. Few people remember that participant Nosy had already talked about GPS devices. Accordingly, he revealed that the timing was completely wrong. And: This was also communicated transparently during the first season.

Fritz Meinecke cleared the allegations: “Not technically possible”

Now Fritz Meineke also takes the stand. The online portal ingame.de quotes a statement from the youtuber, which says: “On the GPS device, on the orange one, there is a time on it. He was in Sweden like that.”

Fritz Meinecke

Fritz does not let Meine’s accusations sit.Image: Youtube

By this he is referring to the first season of “7 Vs Wild”, which was filmed in Sweden, not Panama. He does not want to let go of the allegation that the matter was covered up over time. He clarifies:

“It’s something you technically can’t turn off. I explained in the responses back in Sweden that it’s just the way it is. Unfortunately, there’s technically no other way. How do you use it and what You keep seeing it, in the end everyone has to decide for themselves.”

They do not find this fact “good”, but the GPS tracker is necessary in order to be able to rescue the participants in case of emergency. Technically, finding a suitable tracker without an integrated clock is not possible.

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