The “Bachelorette” candidate horrified the audience – “overreaching”

The "Bachelorette" candidate horrified the audience - "overreaching"

Some “Bachelorette” candidates didn’t present their best side in the second episode. RTL

It remains to be seen who will be Sharon’s dream prince — meanwhile, though, some candidates for “The Bachelorette” have already turned frogs. Because in the second episode of RTL format not only one rose candidate deliberately took wrong steps. DViewers online were horrified partly by what they saw.

Candidate Tim D. sets an ultimatum and makes a fool of himself with a statement

Tim D. provides the first incredible moment in the current “Bachelorette” episode: in conversation with his fellow campaigners Basti and Max, he explains that he will only kiss Sharon if he makes it to the finals. Then he went a step further and clarified: “If she kisses someone else after me, it will be over for me.”

Basti told that the show will be about knowing and kissing many people. Some users also had to nod their heads on this statement of Tim. “Princess, you already know what show you’re on”commented by a viewer Twitter, Another tweet is ironic: “After all, we’re not here with anyone dating draft.”

Tim was also twice negative. He did not get Gulab this time and had to leave the show again in the second week. After they left, he said calmly: “She wasn’t my type from the start.” A fan of the show diagnosed the 30-year-old with “toxic masculinity.” Others did not buy this statement: “Of course she’s not your kind of woman now that she left you.” There was another comment: “No man carries a basket like this.”

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Tim number two shocked the audience with his behavior

While Tim D. was betrayed by Sharon, Tim J. got over it – which came as a surprise to many, as he had previously danced so closely with Sharon that she didn’t feel comfortable Was. That’s why some Roseanne fans expected the 24-year-old to leave. “How embarrassing all three must be when you take the embarrassing narrowband dancer to the next round”There was a viewer’s explanation for Sharon’s decision.

Others made it clear that they found Tim’s behavior to be completely different: “Absolutely with such uncomfortably outrageous behavior (and then shamelessly in front of a crowd of other men). women Scramble regularly.” “What’s Tim dancing with him there? Terrible,” judged another.

Not even Sharon let Tim go through the night without a few words of warning: “I love to dance, but today was too close, too much and too fast for me. I’d love if you shift down.”

Max Gossips About Sharon’s Body And Gets Punished By Users

Max also looked obnoxiously. After a romantic single date with Sharon, he said back at the men’s villa: “There’s a problem for me: I’m not sexually attracted to me yet.” and in Interview He explained: “I’m more into the curve. He might, if I say so myself, have more ass and more boobs.”

For these things, the footballer earned social media much criticism. “Did she seriously just say she could have bigger boobs?”, “The ‘footballer’ of the big leagues needs more ass and boobs. Well, who would want to give this beauty a home?” either “Of course it is very important that for the partner Life Max’s Pornhub ideal of beauty. Body kill the soul or something. Whats up”Among other things, three stirred fan Feather.


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