What does coffee do for fatty liver

What does coffee do for fatty liver

Anyone suffering from fatty liver should follow a healthy diet. Coffee can also stand on it. It is even recommended.

The most effective ways to reduce fatty liver are exercise, abstaining from alcohol and eating a balanced diet. However, many sufferers wonder what else they can do for their liver – also out of concern about the potential consequences: Excess fat can inflame the liver and cause permanent damage. Then there is the risk of cirrhosis and in the worst case, liver cancer.

Coffee can help prevent this. It is therefore of course recommended for those affected to drink at least one cup a day – of course not in addition to, but instead of, the remedies mentioned.

According to several scientific studies, people who drink coffee daily may have a lower risk of developing chronic liver disease. In the case of existing non-alcoholic fatty liver, coffee may have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease and reduce the risk of disastrous consequences such as liver cancer.

what the studies show

Investigations were primarily observational studies. In it, researchers documented coffee consumption and participants’ health status over the years. It turns out that chronic liver diseases such as fatty liver, fatty liver hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer are significantly less common in every day coffee drinkers than others.

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