Iris Abel’s wish remains unfulfilled: “Uwe said ‘no'”

Iris Abel's wish remains unfulfilled: "Uwe said 'no'"

Iris and Uwe Abel met in 2011 through “Bauer Sucht Frau”.Build: iris.abel.official/instagram

Uwe and Iris Abel found each other in 2011 thanks to “Bauer such Frau”, and many viewers still have memories of the couple. It wasn’t until 2021 that the 55-year-old could be seen on TV again in “Celebrity Big Brother,” where it wasn’t enough to win. Furthermore, the couple recently made headlines when they took legal action against Danny Buchner for defamatory statements in a podcast.

Feather instagram Uwe is not active, but Iris thinks she is fan With updates every now and then social media Modern. On Wednesday evening, she posted a sweet photo with a tiny German shepherd she says she wants to keep — but there’s a problem.

Iris Abel wants animals to grow

“Our friends still have three cute German Shepherd babies. One boy and two girls”—that’s the background to the 53-year-old’s latest post. The little ones are now six weeks old and come from an experienced dog breeder, continues Iris. Finally she reveals:

“I’d love to take the little mouse home with me, but Uwe said ‘no’. What a shame.”

with Abel, Dog Unfortunately the house in the photo was not found. But Iris doesn’t give up and begins a small appeal to help four-legged friends with a contribution: “I hope the three of them find great families. If you’re interested, please let me know.”

Iris Abel’s followers have a clear opinion

In the comments on Instagram, many fans show understanding for the former “Farmer’s Looking for Wife” candidate’s animal adoption request. For example, a follower writes, “I can understand you so well. I always find myself pulling myself together when I see baby dogs or dogs. If I went after my heart, my There would have been a zoo nearby.”

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Another user also has a very specific suggestion for iris: “You have to soften the uvea”. Another user joins in and adds: “He can’t just say ‘no’. You have to convince him!” In yet another comment it simply says: “Oh uwei!!!”


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