Chris Tall witnessed shameless action after his surgery

Chris Tall witnessed shameless action after his surgery

Chris Tall has to take a long break from the stage.Image: christall_official/instagram

Chris Tall gave his fans bad news in March: The comedian had been suffering from severe pain in his leg for weeks, and at some point an operation could not be avoided. He himself had already predicted on social media that “weeks, if not months” would be lost. Especially bitter: After the 30-year-old had planned a big tour, the dates for March, April and May were canceled outright. In TV It couldn’t be either: in “King of the Children’s Heads” it would be Oliver Pocher To represent.

The comedian has now completed the surgery, and now has a new episode of his podcast “08/17” with zcan Cosar. In it, Chris initially talks about his experiences in the hospital and explains that he had a very strange encounter right after the procedure.

Chris Tall refuses to take selfie after surgery

The comedian was still semi-confused by the anesthesia when said action took place, which is why he says it felt like a dream. Chris reports, apparently still stunned: “I wake up in this recovery room and then someone comes and says to me: ‘Hey Chris, you’re awake now! I think what you are doing is really good. Can we take a picture?’,

So apparently this fan doesn’t care much about the privacy of others, but it just got worse. “Don’t get mad at me, but it’s not really cool right now,” Chris initially replied, after which the man didn’t give up. Tara further recalls:

So the whole situation almost turned creepy and accordingly Chris is not sorry in the podcast that he directly declined the photo request. In any case, it became clear to the unknown: “Listen, I don’t know who you are, I don’t know who I am. But just the fact that you’re showing me that picture tells me I shouldn’t take a picture with you.,

zcan cosar was also stunned

“Dude, what’s the matter with you?” The comedian sends in afterward, and Izkan Kosar also lags behind in disbelief. “What kind of audacity is this?” His (rhetorical) question is. However, in the end both can laugh at the incident. zcan jokes at the end: “You might be lucky you didn’t wake up next to him.”


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