Doctor Creed distances himself from the song: “We don’t play anything like that anymore!” Entertainment

Doctor Creed distances himself from the song: "We don't play anything like that anymore!"  Entertainment

the song no longer plays ,

Doctors distance from cult song

“We met, alone at her house’ / She looked way, way thicker than in the photo / I hugged her, which means I tried / I fell into her fatty tissue like a gulp.”

Song Lines Berlin Band . The song “Elke” comes from the doctors, For many fans, the number 3.22 minutes is cult. But now frontman Farin Urlaub (bourgeois: Jan Vetter, 58) uttered a word of power!

As reported by a user on Twitter, at a performance in Berlin, concert guests asked the three-member band to play “Elke”. Reply to Farin Holiday: “No, guys. Elke is fat and mischievous. We don’t play anymore, it’s the last millennium.”

Smaller and more rowdy: The Doctor in a 1993 photo. To date, the band has sold over eight million records.

photo: picture combine / dpa

The word misogynistic means misogynistic. Fatshaming is bullying and discrimination against people who are overweight. The song says, among other things: “His thighs are so heavy, he’s infinitely fat / I climbed on him the other day – without oxygen equipment.”

Clear message from the punk veteran, who also wrote the song himself in 1988! According to legend, a female fan had followed the band, even attaching their photos to the letters. So Farin Urlaub knew that this was an overweight woman. His answer to the love nerves: Calorie swatter of the same name against the same Elke.

“Elke” isn’t the band’s only controversial song, here’s a picture from a concert from 2016

Photo: Axel Hemken / DPA

“Elke”, which Farin Urlaub and his bandmates Bella B (Dirk Felsenheimer, 59) and Rodrigo González (54) have long since dropped from the program, isn’t the only controversial song by the doctors: “Claudia” addresses them as a single. Woman’s love Relationship with a shepherd dog, “sibling love” intercourse between brother and sister.

This did not detract from the success of the rookies. is expected to be Doctor Who Also Opened “Daily Topics” OnceHe has sold over eight million records in his 40-year career. (I a)

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