Fighting cancer: Tom Parker confined to wheelchair

Fighting cancer: Tom Parker confined to wheelchair

tom parker (33) keeps fighting in his own way! Behind the musician are difficult years. 2020 was at that time the wanted-Star was diagnosed with cancer for the first time. Since then, he has undergone several treatments, and the tumor in his head has also been reduced. Britain still going through tough treatments they weaken him so much that Tom Now wheelchair dependent!

band mate Max George (33) shared on their instagramprofile a few days ago snapshotJoe shows the 33-year-old behind the scenes of his tour. you can see in the photo Tom With sunglasses on, making a peace sign – but he’s in a wheelchair. Despite his casual gesture, the dad-of-two looks quite tired and weak in the picture.

it seems like Tom a little tired of my current performance – After all, despite his illness, he is with his boys at the moment on tour, While his colleagues were able to perform calmly, the singer sat in a chair in the middle of the group, but was overjoyed.

Instagram / tomparkerofficial

Tom Parker, musician
Tom Parker and Max George
Wanted in March 2022
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