Commodity prices: Netherlands cuts fuel tax by 21 percent

Commodity prices: Netherlands cuts fuel tax by 21 percent

Record prices at gas stations: The Netherlands is lowering taxes on petrol and diesel – and promising subsidies for electricity and gas bills.

In response to record prices at gas stations Netherlands 21 percent reduction in tax on petrol and diesel. The government announced this on Friday. In addition, people with low incomes get grants to compensate for the increased prices of electricity and gas. According to the government, the total package to balance energy prices is about 2.8 billion euros.

one liter petrol It currently costs an average of 2.50 euros in the Netherlands, Of this, about half is tax and VAT. According to the government, from April 1, the tax on petrol will be reduced by about 17 cents and on diesel by 11 cents per liter.

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In view of inflation, the government wants to give relief especially to the low and middle income people. Every citizen with a minimum income should receive 800 euros as assistance for electricity and gas bills. Initially, 200 euros were promised. Value added tax on gas and electricity will also be reduced to 9 per cent from the existing 21 per cent. The government wants to help people with middle income and small businesses. (dpa)

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