The Ferrari Daytona SP3 (2022) features the brand’s most powerful series engine to date

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 (2022) features the brand's most powerful series engine to date

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A third model. Monza SP1 and . Feather Monza SP2
Daytona SP3 follows now. The “Bella Machina” pays tribute to the 330 P3/4 that won the great 24-hour race at Daytona in 1967.

The New Daytona SP3 Has the Most Powerful Ferrari Engine Ever

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The Daytona SP3 doesn’t have much in common with its historical role model. Only the wraparound windshield, removable targa roof and rear-view mirrors on the front fenders are reminiscent of the 330 P3/4. The Daytona SP3 also gets headlights with a movable top cover. The 330 P3/4 had pop-up headlights – not allowed today.

The New Daytona SP3 Has the Most Powerful Ferrari Engine Ever

sophisticated aerodynamics

In the case of the newcomer, the design was subject to aerodynamics. It is pulled fast accordingly. Apart from the deep crouching front with narrow LED lights and the bottom splitter reaching far ahead, the wide side view catches the eye. This is mainly due to the air ducts in butterfly doors. They direct air to the rear to cool the engine. The underbody features special chimneys that let air out at low pressure, thus ensuring that the Daytona SP3 really sticks to the road. The rear is characterized by an extremely narrow, continuous strip of lights and air outlets below. The latter extends almost over the entire stern. The twin-pipe exhaust system is located above the low-mounted diffuser.

The New Daytona SP3 Has the Most Powerful Ferrari Engine Ever


When it comes to drives, the Daytona SP3 uses what was presented in May 812 Competition
, whose free-suction 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder incorporates many high-tech components from Formula 1. However, the engine here makes 10 hp more, making it the most powerful series combustion engine Ferrari has ever produced. thank you for that 840 PS And 697 newton meter The bolide, which weighs only 1,485kg, turns itself into torque 2.85 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. Even more impressive: The 200 km/h mark falls down once 7.4 seconds, Ferrari rear-wheel drive gives the vehicle top speed over 340 km/h Feather. If you take the gears off completely, the 7-speed dual clutch transmission shifts to the next gear at only 9,500 (!) revolutions.

The New Daytona SP3 Has the Most Powerful Ferrari Engine Ever


For agile handling, in addition to the reduced weight already mentioned, which is achieved through a number of lightweight components made from composite materials and a carbon fiber chassis, the weight distribution ranges from 44 (front) to 56 percent and the P Zero Corsa Exclusively mixed by Pirelli for the Daytona SP3 – high-performance tires in 265/30 ZR20 (front) and 345/30 ZR21 (rear) dimensions. Behind the five-spoke rims are 398mm or 380mm ceramic brake discs. In addition, Ferrari equips the two-seater with the latest generation of its driving system (SSC 6.1). This not only allows for controlled drift, but also ensures better traction and greater cornering stability, according to the engineers. The simple technology keeps the car on an ideal line that cannot be felt by the driver due to automatic braking interventions. If desired, attentive assistants can be completely disabled. However, in “race” and “whistle-off” driving events, you must know exactly what you are doing.

The New Daytona SP3 Has the Most Powerful Ferrari Engine Ever

inner space

With its recessed bucket seats, the cockpit is more reminiscent of a racing car than a street athlete. The digital instrument cluster is slightly curved, measures an impressive 16 inches and provides all the relevant information to the driver. The Rev counter with a yellow background is prominently displayed in the middle. Multifunction steering wheel included manetino (red rotary controls for driving modes) and various touch surfaces, through which many functions (including indicators) are controlled, are now a tradition at Ferrari. There are only a few switches and three slide controls on the narrow center console. Air conditioning is controlled through a separate touch area in the lower area of ​​the dashboard.

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According to Ferrari, the Daytona SP3 should go into production soon. How many units of the bolide will be made and how much it will cost was not disclosed. The small series probably sold out before its official presentation. Here the best customers of the company always get a chance. For orientation: Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, currently fighting for the World Championship with the Red Bull team, is considered for Have your Monza SP2 . has paid 1.6 million euros for

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