Bushido’s wife reveals the immaculate reality

Bushido's wife reveals the immaculate reality

Anna-Maria Ferrucci gave birth to a threesome in November.Image: anna_maria_ferchichi/Instagram

On November 11, Bushido’s wife Anna-Maria Ferrucci gave birth to a healthy triplet. pregnancy was not without complications, however mother-father took a long time to do this Life Daughter Amaya’s concern Anna-Maria makes no secret of the physical and mental stress she has been putting on her these months.

from his followers instagram However, these days, almost four months after the birth, she is getting a lot of praise for her. Body, In her new Instagram story, the mom of eight can be seen quite naturally — and reports with an honest announcement.

Ana-Maria Ferrucci seen without makeup

“After eight kids, I don’t have to look like I’m eight Children brought into the world, I suppose,” said Anna-Maria soon Birth And thus it became clear that she wants to quickly lose extra pounds. However, she doesn’t want to just give up on the plethora of chatter she’s getting on Instagram now:

“Since you guys have been writing me such compliments on my photo since last night about how good I look – although I’m also drawn to it and ready to go out – it’s the reality.”

Anna-Maria Ferrucci films herself just before going to bed.

Anna-Maria Ferrucci films herself just before going to bed.Image: anna_maria_ferchichi/Instagram

The clip was apparently made just before bedtime, Anna-Maria presents her fan Here this time without makeup. Visible under his eyes: Anti-aging patch. “I’m sleeping with anti-wrinkle strips like this for the first time now,” revealed the 40-year-old. However, she’s not really excited about the ongoing natural aging process: “Oh my god, that’s too far,” she complains.

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Anna-Maria Ferrucci has lost a few kilos again

In early February, Anna-Maria was social media Already published a photo of her (again thin) stomach. She was amazed at what her body was capable of doing after giving birth. “I was so impatient with my body after giving birth—and yet it surprised me again and made me incredibly proud,” she said.

However, Anna-Maria does not want any more children. “I’m so grateful for my eight kids, but I never want to get pregnant again,” she posted four weeks after giving birth. Being pregnant with triplets had a huge impact.


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