That’s why Gil Ofrim was part of ‘The Passion’

That's why Gil Ofrim was part of 'The Passion'

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April 14, 2022 – 11:40 am watch

RTL showed that on April 13th Big live concert “The Passion” – Here the Passion of Jesus was reproduced and accompanied a row of stars And modern songs were carried over into today’s times. As announced long ago, it was also gil ophrymi For the cast of “Passion”. But questions arose online as to why the musician was still part of the production due to current events. We clarify.

What happens after an indictment by the Public Prosecutor’s Office?

In late March, the Leipzig Public Prosecutor brought charges against musician and actor Gil Ofrim. The 39-year-old faces false accusations and defamation charges after making a claim in October 2021 An employee of the “Westin” hotel in Leipzig insulted him in an anti-Semitic manner, In late March, however, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that the investigation against the hotel employee had “not been held in sufficient suspicion”.

Leipzig’s regional court will decide in a few weeks whether it will allow charges against the musician. First, Gil Ofrim has an explanation period in which the artist and his lawyer can comment. So it is not possible to predict right now when or when the trial will take place.

Gil Ofrim remains part of “Passion”

Gil Ofrim is presumed innocent until convicted. So the 39-year-old remained a part of “The Passion”. The staging included, among other things, feature films in which Gil Ofreem was seen as a disciple.

What is “passion”? Here’s all the information!

After pandemic-related cancellations over the past two years, RTL finally told the biggest story ever on April 13. The modern depiction of the last days of Jesus’ life was accompanied by modern pop hits and staged by famous singers.

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Here we show you who stars as Jesus with Alexander Claus in a live concert on Burgplatz in Essen.

Where to Watch “The Passion” Online?

The biggest live concert of the year, “The Passion”, can be viewed online anytime on RTL+. You must not miss this!

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